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[ ugh oh BLiNKiES ]

Request Community

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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to Ugh Oh BLiNKiE

We are currently

CLOSED (to be permanently closed soon!)


You first must be a part of ugh_oh_BLiNKiE to make a request. Second, you may only request one blinkie a week.
If you try to request another blinkie on another LJ username, you will be banned from the community.
Please DO NOT Advertise for any communities in here.
I don't want any drama in this community..you want to cause drama go somewhere else. If I see this happening you will be banned from this community!
Please don't tell us to make your blinkie faster, the maker will get around to it before you week is up. If not contact the maintainers and provide them with the URL to your request.
Make your own update in the community, please do not request your blinkie through a comment.
Please make all posts Friends Only!
Please don't change your acutally request after you posted. Just wait until the next week to make that request.
When requesting a blinkie please try to make the name short. Also, if the image of your example is large place it under an lj cut. [ <*lj-cut>TEXT<*/lj-cut> Just remove the stars ]
When posting make sure you have an example and those examples are uploaded to your on server. [ Photobucket or ASP Host would work fine. ]
Being a blinkie community, please do not post icons, complaints, or anything of the such in the community.
Don't make us give you a grammar lesson...you go/went to school. Unless your a mofo-ing retard don't TyPe LyKe DiS okay? Good. BTW, if you do you will lose your request for a week =)
And last but not least, please don't cross post your blinkie request in other communities! If you do I will slap you across the face and you will lose your request for a week!

Need to know if you can request again? Check here

Thank you!


This community was created by dramatic_diva and is currently owned by sadako_chan who is also the mod.

Blinkie Makers

Jenny* [x]
Jayde [x]
Carole [x]
Sarah [x] On Hiatus
Kimmi [x]
Rachel [x]
Anna Marie [x] On hiatus

* - implies maintainer

Interested in being a blinkie maker? Please contact Jen, by posting to a recent pick-up post or contacting her through AIM: jenluv90 (this is on friends lock, so leave your IM name and i will add you ;)), or MSN: yennj80 @ hotmail.com.

Link Us!

Show us some love and link us in your userinfo!

Please upload to your own server.

If you don't know how to link a picture to a URL it is done like this;

<*a href="http://www.livejournal.com/community/ugh_oh_blinkies"><*img src="IMG URL"><*/img><*/a>

Sister Communities


Although the background was created by myself I must give full credit to gracious She is the one that original had the idea. Thanks for allowing me to use it and tweak it ;)

A very special thank you to alleigh for making us open and closed signs!

Want to be a sister community? IM Ashley @ Bigger Exception.